DNA is a Finnish teleoperator company. In the spring semester of 2011, ESN Finland and DNA started a campaign to distribute free prepaid SIM cards to exchange students as soon as they arrive to Finland, and ESN Uni Turku joined the project as well to provide our exchange students with this little early help. DNA proves to be an attractive mobile telephone operator for exchange students thanks to their low rates and the possibilty of using the phones abroad. 

The DNA super-prepaid, which the exchange students get for free, inclues 7 € base money for calls and messages. The prepaid is simple to install by just making a phone call to any number and saving the settings sent to your phone. The package includes all three SIM-card sizes, standard, micro-sized and nano-sized.

It's easy to load more credit to the card at Otto-machines, R-kioski or DNA store (in Hansa shopping center) by buying €10, €20 or €30 vouchers. You can also add money to it at laturi.dna.fi by using Finnish online banking account.

If you wish to use internet on your phone, that's also possible! Your prepaid subscription comes with fast 24Mbit/s data for max. €1,92/day. You can also buy data packages. For more information visit DNA website: www.dna.fi/prepaid-liittymat

You will receive your SIM card during the Orientation Week!