Welcome to ESN Uni Turku!

Who are we?

ESN Uni Turku ry is a student organisation for exchange & international students, Erasmus+ volunteers or interns in Turku, and internationally-minded/-experienced Finns. The association was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring together an international community on campuses, and to create surroundings where different cultures meet, foreign and local students are connected. We aim to monitor the interests of our students, maintain student culture, and organise events and activities for all.


Who are you?

Exchange student or other Erasmus+ project participant coming to Turku.

Local/ international student interested in participating ESN Uni Turku's activities.

Local/ international student interested in helping out with ESN Uni Turku's activities.


How can we help?

I would like to become a member.

→ ESNcard

I would like to immerse myself in Finnish student culture.

→ Overalls and patches

→ Events and activities

I would like to get some discounts with my ESNcard in Turku.

→ Partners