What is the ESNcard?

ESNcard is the official membership card of the Erasmus Student Network, and depending on your country and section, it can be used as well to offer various discounts.


Where to get it?

In Turku, the ESNcard costs 10€ and you can get it:

  • At our office during office hours (www.esnuniturku.fi/office)
  • During the Orientation Days
  • In some parties and events, where we will be selling them

Who can get it?

You can get the ESNcard, if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • Erasmus+ students;
  • Erasmus+ trainees;
  • Erasmus+ International incoming students;
  • International incoming students or trainees on a mobility programme, outside of Erasmus+;
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students;
  • ESC volunteers;
  • ESN Volunteers:
    • ESNers: either active on Local, National or International level. They are all members of a section;
    • Alumni: contact your ESN section and see if you are entitled to receive an ESNcard (this depends on the statutes of each ESN section);
    • Buddies: if there is an ESN section in your city, and you are part of a buddy programme, contact the local ESN section and see if you are entitled to receive an ESNcard (this depends on the statutes of each ESN section). If you are not entitled, you can always become an ESNer.

The validity of the ESNcard is 12 months, it is not valid without a photo and correct personal data!

Discounts in Turku

With the ESNcard you get, among other things, cheaper (or even free) participation in ESN parties, trips and sport and cultural events. In addition, you get the benefits offered by our local, national and international partners. And of course, it also makes a nice souvenir! Just remember that you need to add your passport-sized photo, but it doesn't need to be of very high quality as long as it's recognisable.

For the local partners, visit http://www.esnuniturku.fi/partners.

Read more and discover all the benefits of ESNcard in Europe at: www.esncard.org.

To access the international discounts, such as Ryanair, and Hostelling International, you need to register your ESNcard at esncard.org first!


P.S. We are constantly looking for more local partners to give more value for your ESNcard. Do you have suggestions? Let us know! Contact us at board@esnuniturku.fi