Code of Conduct of ESN Finland

The Erasmus Student Network is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all, and to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against in the planning and delivery of any of our projects or activities.

1. Aim of the Code of Conduct 

This Code of Conduct sets out to ensure that every person feels safe, included and respected during their involvement with ESN Finland. We make clear our zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of discrimination or threatening behaviour. We reaffirm the importance of our core values, those of unity in diversity, openness, tolerance and respect. We demonstrate our dedication to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity among our members and volunteers. We recognise our responsibilities as an international youth organisation and are committed to meeting them in full. An organisational culture that embraces equality and values diversity will help us to ensure that everyone feels involved and included in our plans and activities.

2. Persons to whom this Code applies

  • This Code applies to any individual, organisation or group participating in any activity of ESN Finland and covers conduct at:
  • All meetings and events, both organised for the members of the sections of ESN Finland and for the international students.
  • All ESN-related online activity.
  • All external representation of ESN Finland.
  • This Code of Conduct also applies to the activities and matters of local sections in the case of these not having their own Code of Conduct.

3.Discrimination, harassment and violence

ESN Finland respects and welcomes everyone. This also means that no form of bullying, harassment, violence, disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour can be tolerated. Incidents violating this policy extends to, but are not limited by:

  • Gender- or Sexual Identity based discrimination
  • Race- or Ethnicity based discrimination
  • Aged-based discrimination
  • Ability- or Knowledge based discrimination
  • Discrimination based on Education, Socio-Economic background or Religious beliefs
  • Sexual harassment
  • Bullying 

4. Behaviours

All persons participating in the activities of ESN Finland or its sections must act in accordance with these values and work to cultivate an inclusive and accessible network. Individuals should be respectful and constructive in their communication and engagement with others and aim to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves. ESN will not tolerate any instance of verbally or physically aggressive or discriminatory behaviour. Violations of this Code should be reported to the designated Point of Contact (5.) and will be dealt with according to the relevant procedure. Reports can be made by anyone who has either experienced or witnessed a violation.

5. Points of Contact

The Points of Contact who are in charge of handling the possible Code of Conduct violations must always keep the information they receive confidential unless the party contacting them wishes otherwise.

The Arbitration Board will work as the Point of Contact for all Code of Conduct related matters. The primary way to contact the Arbitration Board about Code of Conduct violations is the Code of Conduct Violation Report Form of ESN Finland.

In the absence of an Arbitration Board, ESN Finland should elect two (2) people among the National Board members and National Coordinators to serve as the Points of Contact. The Points of Contact should be appointed by the National Board and approved by the Sections during the CLR. These Points of Contact should be people who are able to commit to working as the Points of Contact. If possible, ESN Finland should provide training for the Points of Contact. The primary way to contact the ESN Finland Points of Contact about Code of Conduct violations is the Code of Conduct Violation Report Form of ESN Finland.

In addition to the permanent Points of Contact, in every ESN Finland event (including but not limited to National Platforms, FInsights and Pirates of the Baltic Sea) the Organising Committee and Chairing Team should appoint at least two (2) Points of Contact for the event in case of Code of Conduct violations during and at the event. The Organising Committee and Chairing Team can decide the way in which the event’s Points of Contact should be contacted in case of a violation (e.g. through a form, said persons’ personal contact information, an email address dedicated for this purpose etc.).

The Points of Contact at an event and the preferred way of contacting them should always be clearly announced to the participants in the beginning of said event. This is especially important at Pirates of the Baltic Sea, where most of the participants are exchange students and not ESN actives and might be new to the practices of ESN Finland.

6. Exceptions

The current Code of Conduct of ESN Finland applies to all the members of ESN Finland, including the 17 sections in all of the events organised by ESN Finland or the sections, with the exception of the events organised in the local level by a section which has its own Code of Conduct.

In case of conflict of interest with the Arbitration Board or the designated Points of Contact, the case should be revised on a case by case scenario.