It is your responsibility to arrange accommodation for yourself. Neither the University of Turku nor ESN Uni Turku can unfortunately guarantee or arrange housing for students and therefore we recommend that you apply for housing well in advance, observing the deadlines set by individual housing providers.

TYS Student Village Foundation

Turun Ylioppilaskyläsäätiö

Student accommodation in Turku is provided by tge Student Village Foundation of Turku. You can apply for an apartment or room in a shared apartment/ building after you have received your letter of acceptance. TYS has around 410 apartments allocated to exchange student coming to study for one or two semesters to universities in Turku, in mmannu parts of the city. Most apartments are not furnished, however for exchange students TYS often offers furnished places for some extra fees. The rents are about 300 to 500 euros per month, including utility bills and 4 sauna shifts per month.

You can apply for housing earliest 3 months before the lease begings/ before arrival. And it is possible to apply for one or two semesters.
- For autumn semester 1 May,
- for spring semester 1 October.

You should apply as soon as possible. Applications can be submitted during the summer months too. The starting and ending dates of contracts are mentioned in your offers. Please check your emails as often as possible as these kind of housing offers are valid only for 4 days.

You can fill out an application for your accommodation and/ or find more information on TYS's website for exchange students.


Private market housing

Finding housing for a short period of time from the general rental markets in Turku is difficult especially during August and September.  Normally the rental agreements are done for a fixed period of a year and earlier resignation requires a penalty fee to be paid by the tenant.

You can take a look for rental apartments for example from following web-pages. Unfortunately, they do not have information in English (you can translate the whole webpage though by using right click and translate to English):