Levi with ESN Uni Turku

In this trip you will experience Lapland from the best ski resort in Finland, in Levi, and ESN Uni Turku wants to offer it to you for the lowest possible price!

That’s right, this trip is organised only by the members of ESN Uni Turku, which lets us obtain better prices for our students.

Lapland is one of those trips that you just can't let escape. There’re so many activities to do in Lapland! You will visit Santa’s Village in Rovaniemi and you will have the chance to ride a husky sledge through the snowy landscape. And since we will be in Levi, the largest ski resort in Finland, you will have the chance to practise ski, cross-country and downhill, or snowboard. And don't worry if it's the first time, you won't be alone!

You want more time with your friends? Rent some snowshoes and discover the area by yourself! Maybe you will find some reindeers? Or will you be lucky enough to spot northern lights during the dark days? Not to mention that you will have a modern and fully-equipped cottage for you and your friends to rest (or party) during the nights!

Whatever you decide to do, Levi will be full of alternatives for the best trip of your exchange!
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Destination: Levi, http://www.levi.fi/en/home.html

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ESN ÅA (together with Timetravels) also organise Lapland trips to Levi, Vasatokka and Saariselkä.
More information on these trips can be found here.