VAPPU - What is this Vappu everybody keeps on talking about?

By now you have probably heard about Vappu and even if you don't quite grasp what is it all about worry not!
Shortly: Vappu is the biggest student celebration that there is in Finland. But Vappu isn't just for students. You will see whole Finland celebrating Vappu, a lot of people, even old grannies are wearing this white (or something that used to be white, maybe) cap. That is a Finnish graduation cap that you'll get when you graduate from high school. Students will usually wear their overalls too. 
If you are into history you can check this link

Monday 30.4
The day starts around noon with free munkkies (Finnish doughnut like products) and free punch in the university hill area. Many organisations will be there representing themselves and offering food and selling patches. Be prepared to have your own re-usable cup!
Find ESN Uni Turku's stand and come refill your cups and get your stomach's full of munkki! We are known for our punch so be sure not to miss it
At 17:30 vappu will officially begin! This happens by the Art Museum Hill (Taidemuseonmäki) which will be filled with students and non-students. It all cultivates to a moment when people raise their caps in the air and are granted a permission to put the cap on. All the traffic will be stopped during that so be prepared to arrive in advance if you are using busses.
Check here for the official programme:

Tuesday 1.5
-The Vappu Day-
Around noon everybody will raise their tired selves and head to the Vartiovuorenmäki for common picnic. Vartiovuorenmäki will be filled with hundreds of people enjoying the Vappu spirit and enjoying their picnic food. Look for ESN Uni Turku at the picnic, we will be there too! Remember to bring a blanket etc to sit on!

Things to have with you to ensure your Vappu is a success:
- Overalls
- Reusable cup
- Something to sit on eg.blanket
- Water
- Something to eat
- Cash to buy patches


With love from ESN Uni Turku board