The first month of the year is gone and February is almost half-the-way done, that means the new board has been in charge for over a month already! Sure it's not too long, but we have already had a couple events and I'm sure you people already recognise our faces. Anyways, since this is the first post of the board in the blog, I guess the best way to start it is by introducing ourselves. As I said, I'm sure you know at least one or two of us, but we are 6 board members, and each has their unique characteristics that can make you feel more comfortable with. Ready to know the 6 crazy people that will be doing their best to make your Erasmus one of your best experiences in your life? Here we come...


Mirva Leinonen

Hello all!

My name is Mirva, and I am the president of this merry band of mischievous, and marvelous weirdos we like to call the board of ESN Uni Turku. I study English language as a major at the University of Turku and this is my third year as an ESNer. I am new to this dictatorship, but not new at being the nagging grandmama of the group. Four facts about me: I am an uncertified cat nanny, I hate ham casserole, I love baking during the night (especially Finnish pancakes), and I know how to birth a lamb. Don’t ask me for details.


Tiia-Maria Niskanen

Hi everybody!

My name is Tiia and I am the Vice President and LR of ESN Uni Turku. At the moment my major is English. I like cats and coffee and crime stories. My star sign is Leo. I hate early mornings. My favourite thing about ESN is making students happy. 


Jasperi Sivenius

Hello and g'day!

My name is Jasperi and I'm the treasurer, aka the money man, of this year's awesome and weirdly cat obsessed board. It's my first year as a board member but I've been a more or less active member of ESN around a year and half - you might have seen me for example selling tickets to parties or playing the real national sport of Finland, tukkihumala, with exchange students. I'm a fourth year English major and originally from Tampere, which is something I have to say when introducing myself. In addition to keeping track of money, I'm trying to take part in ESN events both here in Turku and elsewhere!


Veera Jäntti-Rasanen

Hello munchkins!

This is Veera speaking, I’m your current friendly information coordinator, in the board after only a few months as an active member. These few weeks as a boardie have been amazing, I’ve got to meet so many new and interesting people, not to mention my fellow board members who have already earned their Exceeds Expectations many times over. Maybe by the time our mandate is over the score stands at Outstanding? It feels so amazeballs to work with people you can trust to have your back come hell or high water. It might be that the concentration of crazy cat ladies, Hufflepuffs and social introverts on our board is just perfect for me, a bona fide señora loca de los gatos, true Hufflepuff and the most social of introverts.

Live long and prosper!


Saara Vestu


My name is Saara Vestu and I am currently doing my master degree in history at the university of Turku . I 'work' as a secretary for ESN Uni Turku. So my main task is to write minutes at the meetings. Things close to my heart are: noodle soups, salsa dancing and dogs.


Claudia Díaz

Hello there! 

My name is Claudia Díaz, and I'm, besides the author of this initial post, the event coordinator of ESN Uni Turku. I'm from Mexico, but I'm doing here my master's degree in molecular biotechnology. As you might have realised by this time, we have a very cat-loving team this year, so I have to say I'm not one of the crazy cat ladies in the team... I'm more like an "all-animal crazy lady": give me an animal, I'll be happy. About me and ESN, my love-story dates back to 2016, when I came to Oulu for one of my exchanges. I liked so much everything related to that exchange, that I came back to study full time in Turku, and well, I joined ESN. Last semester I was an active student (my first event to help with was the cottage weekend), and now I'm the one organising it! Go big or go home, right? Fun facts about me: I love traveling, learning new things, and cooking. I've managed to adapt some Mexican recipes to Finnish supermarkets!

I hope to see you around our events soon!



Apart from us 6, there are many other ESNers that participate as active members. They are people who once were boardies like us, or Erasmus students that like the idea of knowing what's going on in the backstage of the events. If you would like to meet us or become an active member, you are welcome to join us in our meetings, they're every week and anyone can come (we normally have snacks!). As you can realise, we're very cool people, so if you see us around feel free to come talk with us. Even though there are 5 Finns in the board, they're used to human contact, they work with a Latin, anyways. 

Aaaaaand... this is all for the week, my dear reader. If you got all the way here, congratulations! Now you know the 6 ESNers from University of Turku. As for me, I highly reccommend you to stay tuned, next week I'll talk about the cottage weekend and more things going on in Turku.
Nos vemos! Hei hei!