Mobility as a value

In addition to good times and parties, ESN also wants to make a change. To embrace important ESN values, such as internationality, inclusiveness, and mobility, ESN launched international projects.

Now it’s time to introduce you to one of them: Mov’in Europe! The project was launched in 2014 and the main aim of Mov’in Europe is to promote mobility.

It is based on two ideas:

  • Mobility is a lifestyle that every young person should have the opportunity to embrace;
  • ESN and its volunteers can help young people to take the first step abroad.


Locally, a network of volunteers aims to organise Mov'in Europe activities meant to inform local students about mobility opportunities. We believe that everyone should have opportunities for mobility.

Wait, what is mobility? 

The most visible part of mobility in ESN is going on an exchange. Going to study in another country is in the very core of mobility. However, mobility is also many other things: it is going abroad to study, to train, to work, to volunteer and of course, to travel, just to name a few. Internships outside of your native country or even a weekend trip abroad are opportunities of mobility!



We believe that being mobile broadens your horizon

As exchange students you have already taken a huge leap into the unknown: you have gotten out of your comfort zone. After your exchange, I’m sure many of you can easily agree on the statement “life is not meant to be lived in one place”. Meeting people other than your peer citizens will not only make you challenge your stereotypes, but also acquire new cultural understanding. Probably making friends from all over the Globe doesn’t hurt either!



What made you go on an exchange?

On Thursday 20.4.2017 our section is organising Mobility Fair as a part of the project. The aim is to inspire Finns to go on an exchange, to educate, to break stereotypes and to meet new people. It’s time to help others to take that first step! Here exchange students are the experts: you can discuss the student life in your home country, tackle exchange-related issues and explain why you think one should go on an exchange. There’s still a chance to join and represent your home country for the Finns, go take a look at the Facebook event!

Check the event here:


Because #mobilityisalifestyle.


To find more about the project, visit