As there are only a few days left before this year turns into another and the autumn semester has officially ended, it's time to write about the past semester!

It all started with the Amazing City Race, a competition for the new exchange students to get to know Turku a little better! The ACR teams performed various tasks at our checkpoints, from quizzes to shoe-throwing. After the race we continued to the afterparty.



Amazing City Racers posing with the most unique landmark of Turku: Posankka (The Pigduck).

Picture from Óscar Moreno Saiz/team Failed International Politics


Then we went hiking in Kurjenrahka National Park, known for its beautiful and diverse nature. What could be a better way to spend your Sunday than hiking in sunshine and having an outside BBQ?




Unforgettable moments were experiences during the many other events and trips as well: the legendary Pirates of the Baltic Sea cruise to Stockholm, the Helsinki chocolate trip, the luxurious Russia trips, the traditional Cottage Weekend, the Lapland trips, the nightclub parties... and many others!  We also raised money for charity in the spirit of SocialErasmus project.


Left: breathtaking Moscow, Russia. Right: Husky safari in Lapland


Too soon the semester approached its end, and it was time for the one last ESN party together: the white t-shirt Farewell party. I hope that the farewell memories in (and out) your t-shirts will make you smile - at least the greetings in my t-shirt sure make me! 


White t-shirts represented!

 White t-shirts represented at the Farewell party.


So many things can be included in only one semester, not the mention the amount of memories and unforgettable moments! It's impossible to try and pick one favourite memory from this semester. I hope that everyone's time in Turku was superb, and remember:Turku is always welcoming you back :) 

The ESN board is now reloading their energy for the upcoming semester and the new exchange students. It's going to be a busy start for the year, since our very own Lapland trip in January is approacing! 

On behalf of ESN Turku, we'd like to thank all the exchange students we met and who made the semester worthwhile! I hope that 2017 brings you more amazing experiences and memories, wherever in the world you might be!

Much love and happy 2017,

team ESN


Turku Cathedral during Christmas time

The beautiful Turku Cathedral during Christmas time.


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