ESN Uni Turku's Board is elected for one calendar year at a time at the Autumn General Meeting. Any members of ESN Uni Turku can apply for the board, whether they have previous organisational experiences or not! It is advised though to get familiar with our work beforehand, for instance by joining to our pool of Active Members (Volunteers). It is particularly important for us that everyone understands ESN's missions and values and are great team players.

People come to the board to learn and practice, everyone does their best and always gets help. Board activities will give you a wide variety of skills: meeting procedures, designing marketing materials, organising events, operation processes. There are various opportunities for you to join, whether you know some things already or would like to learn something new. Our board members are active in tasks related to event management and coordination, human resources, IT, communication, PR, partnerships. Bring your talent and interests, as we are open-minded regarding tasks and responsibilities in our board you can always suggest a role that would suit you the most.

At the Autumn General Meeting, President and Vice-President are elected with polls. Other tasks and responsibilities are shared among the board members at the first meeting of the new board. There are different roles for every member suiting a wide range of interests.


  ESN Uni Turku 2024

   President:  Wilma O.

   Vice-president: Jenna K.

   Treasurer: Reija T.

   Secretary: Julianna A.

   Board members: Lukas Z., Roberto G., Laura M., Nikola T.,     Natalia Sz., (Joaquin C.)


   You can also browse Former Boards.