ESN Uni Turku is the section from the University of Turku. For this reason, some of the links in this section redirect to UTU’s website or intranet. But don't worry, If you're from TUAS/ÅA, your university will have their correspondent services, so search their websites or ask your tutor!

Universities In Turku

In the city of Turku, there are four main universities with their own campuses:

  • University of Turku (UTU, Turun Yliopisto in Finnish)
  • Åbo Akademi University (ÅA)
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS, Turun Ammattikorkeakoulu in Finnish)
  • Novia University of Applied Sciences (Novia UAS, Novia Yrkeshögskolan in Swedish)


In this page you can see the different campuses the universities in Turku have (UTU and Åbo Akademi only) with their respective buildings. Don't get lost again in the university campus!

International Tutors

When you are accepted to study in Finland, the international office of your university will coordinate a tutor for you. The tutor will help you with all the practical matters with your arrival, like checking in at the university and getting a starting package if you need one.

Although it varies depending on the university, the tutor should contact you about a month before your arrival at the latest, so keep an eye on your e-mail (and the spam folder!).

The tutors are all volunteers so don’t expect miracles from them, and they are also primarily for the non-educational questions, as you can ask those to the international office or an education coordinator.

If you’re from the University of Turku (UTU), you can contact their international office to ask about tutoring at incoming[at]

More information in UTU’s page for exchange students’ tutors.

Student Cafeterias

In Finland, being a student allows you to eat at any university’s student cafeteria for the low price of €2,60! The menu changes every day and the lunch always includes a side salad, bread and a glass of milk. You can find the menus for most of the cafeterias in Turku in Unica website or in the StudentLunch website. For ICT building, check Sodexo website.

Remember that you can go to any university’s cafeteria, no matter which unviersity you belong to.

Quick tip: Unica’s Assarin Ullakko and Tottisalmi are open most Saturdays during the academic year!

Student Union and Student Card

There is a student union in every Finnish university. For exchange students, the membership fee is voluntary but highly recommended.

As a member of the Student Union, you are entitled to a Finnish student card (opiskelijakortti) issued together by the National Union of University Students in Finland and TYY. This card offers you a variety of benefits locally and nationwide, like the meals at student cafeterias, transport discounts and many others.

More information about the student card here.

The student union also arranges some events and parties. From the sub-organizations you can find groups for different hobbies like music, gaming or yoga. Remember to also check the student organization of your subject or faculty as they arrange a lot of activities and are a great way to meet Finns.

Most of the student organizations have a Facebook page or group, just look for it!

Student Union websites for the three main universities:

University Sports

All universities in Turku offer their students a cheap way to enjoy many different sports. They have a gym and instructed lessons in many sports, be it tennis, dancing or martial arts.

For UTU students, you can find more information in the following pages: