Do you like taking pictures? Or are you more into editing videos? Either way, would you like to share them with us?  

Why do we need them?

We use multimedia content to keep our website and other media engaging for our visitors. And even though we have images today, we would appreciate to have access to newer ones for each generation that passes through Turku.

Cottage Weekend? St. Petersburg? Lapland trip? Or Vappu? Show us how you enjoyed your favourite events with ESN!

Also, for us it's not always easy to get this kind of content. We are a group of volunteers, mostly students from different faculties, and sometimes we have photographers among ourselves but other times we don't. We appreciate any help!

What to do?

Contact us for more information by usingContact Form selecting "Website feedback" category.

NOTE: If you want to add a watermark to your creation, it's perfectly fine. We won't take any credit from them and certainly we won't modify them.