ESN Uni Turku is one of the 17 local sections of ESN Finland. Finland has five ESN sections in Helsinki area, three in Turku, two in Tampere and the rest of the sections are in Vaasa, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Lappeenranta, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Joensuu. Many of the Finnish ESN sections are part of their student unions and are working as international committees of their student unions.

In their activities, the sections all over the country organize sauna evenings, parties, pub nights, language buddy activities, sport and cultural events and usually trips to Stockholm, Lapland, Tallinn and St. Petersburg to name but a few things. All sections’ activities differ from each other depending on the local conditions, but most of the sections operate closely not only with their student unions, but also with their institutions’ international student tutors.

On national level, Finnish sections cooperate mainly regionally but plans have been made to have more national cooperation. Finland offers excellent chances for big and small events all over the country. ESN cooperates with SYL and SAMOK, the national unions of students in Finland. ESN Finland is also a part of Allianssi, Finnish Youth Cooperation.

ESN Finland’s highest decision-making body is the National Platform which is a meeting consisting of one or two representatives from each section and takes place twice a year. Recently, ESN Finland established a National Board to take over the domestic ESN responsibilities, to support the Finnish sections and to represent ESN in Finnish contexts. The first official National Board was elected in the National Platform of spring 2009.

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