University of Turku, our home university, is an active academic community of over 20 000 students and 3300 staff members; a truly international research university, a provider and developer of Finnish high-quality education and a strong bellwether of its area. The University of Turku is a partner with over 300 universities around the world and is a member in several international networks.

The University was established in 1920, and it has has 7 faculties and 11 independent units. It's the second biggest university in Finland. The University offers more than 300 courses in English and exchange students are able to combine courses from different faculties. There are also great opportunities to study Finnish, Swedish, English or many other languages.

The university has a newly renovated international office which always provides help and guidance for our international students! Each exchange student will be provided with a personal tutor who will be helping the exchange students with practical matters, kind of like our own buddy system.