ESN Finland is a national student organization working towards international students and mobility. ESN Finland consists of 16 local sections all over Finland. ESN Finland is part of Erasmus Student Network, which operates in 36 countries and almost 400 higher educational institutes.

ESN Finland represents the interests of international students in Finland. ESN Finland negotiates national partnerships, meets other national student organizations, organizes national events and support their sections both financially and administrately.

ESN Finland has national cooperation agreement with:

  • Aikamatkat - Timetravels: Official organizer of ESN Russia and Lapland trips
  • DNA Oy: Official mobile operator of ESN Finland

ESN Finland operates with national institues:

  • Centre of International Mobility (CIMO)
  • Finnish Youth Cooperation
  • Allianssi -The National Union of University Students (SYL)
  • The Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK)