It is the time of the year when we open the call for the board of 2018!

Are you interested in board work in an international atmosphere? ESN Uni Turku is the exchange student organisation of Turku University, providing the students different events, trips, and cultural happenings. The board of ESN Uni Turku is a team that aims to make our incoming exchange students feel at home! The board of ESN Uni Turku consists of


Here you can find a short description of the board positions and information on how to apply. In addition to the new boardies, we are also looking for auditors. (excellent opportunity for an economics student to gain practical experience) An auditor can be anyone who's not applying for the board. The board tasks can be negotiated and modified/combined according to your interests. The main thing is that the responsibilities are clearly defined, whether the people in charge are in the board or not. The board mandate lasts for one (1) calendar year, starting from 1.1.2018.

We encourage anyone with even a hint of interest to apply for the board. We promise you will get excited very soon! You will get valuable board experience that you can put in your CV. Earlier experience is not required as you will be trained by the current board members—the most important thing is that you are motivated and willing to learn many new things! None of the tasks are too hard and everything can be learned with little effort. We believe that everyone has something valuable to offer to the board. What you give ESN, you get back multiple times!

On Tuesday 21.11. we will have a 'board hoard' event where you can come to hang out with us and ask anything from the current boardies. More info on FB.

The deadline to sending your applications is: 28.11. at 23:59. The new board and auditors will be chosen during the autumn general meeting, which is taking place on Wednesday 29.11. at 18.00 in Turku School of Economics, lecture hall 07

If you have any questions regarding the open call, contact the board!