Academic year: 2016/2017

Useful Facebook groups and pages

First of all, the Erasmus group for the 2016/2017 academic year, a must have for any student in Turku!

Facebook is one of the most reliable places to find information if you know where to ask! Here's a list of very useful groups for any exchange student in Turku:


Fleamarket: For buying/selling things (bikes, furniture, clothes etc.) prices are usually negotiable!

ESN groups: As said earlier, you can take part in any event of any section regardless of your university. All events are published on Facebook and it's recommended to read the description of each event because sometimes there will be a sign-up, specially for the trips.

ISTU (International Students of Turku Universities):

Sport groups:

University of Turku Exchange Students​:

UTU Debating Club:

Sport Bars Turku:

Excursions and hikes around Turku:

Turku dance events:


Credit for link compilation to Kalypso Filippou