What is ESN?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe, working since 1989 to support exchange students from all over Europe and improve their education environment. Sounds interesting? Check what ESN is about!

But, what is ESN for you?

  • If you're an exchange student...

Then you're coming to Turku - or you're already here! Either way, what do you know about the old capital of Finland, the city of Turku?

And if you're coming to exchange your life, you might find these tips useful!

Did you know that we, ESN Uni Turku, are the section from the University of Turku? But we are not alone, you can also meet our sister sections!

What else? Ah, yes! As part of ESN, we are also involved in multiple projects, some of them being events (like Erasmus in Schools) and others being a small help for you, exchange students, like the DNA prepaid cards! You can check all of that in our projects section!

  • If you're a local student...

Then you might be interested in joining our organization. Want to give it a thought? Feel free to join us in the actives e-mail list, and of course, come to one of our meetings! It doesn't matter which university you belong to as long as you feel like helping in the most international environment you will find around!

In any case...

Got any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us, either through the website form or by sending an e-mail to (esnuniturkuboard[at]lists.utu.fi), or just visit our office during office hours!

We can tell you what, when and how we do things, but after all, the important point is... What is ESN for you?