Although we all know that Turku was the capital of Finland, we still love to visit Helsinki!

The Helsinki trips are organized every semester, and we try to offer you activities that you usually unable to carry out on your own. We depart from Turku in the morning and come back late in the afternoon, the exact times depend on each trip but expect to leave early (~8:00 am) because we have around 2 hours until we arrive to Helsinki! The trips have two activities each, which may differ.

Fazer Chocolate factory

Yeah, like Charlie! Or not… But still, if you’re looking to eat some good chocolate you will have the chance there!

Fazer is one of the most well-known Finnish companies and in there you will have the chance to learn about their history and how they reached where they are, and yeah, the opportunity to eat as much chocolate as you want!
Also, at the end you will be able to buy chocolate from their shop, which is at a fairly cheap price compared to the normal price you would find elsewhere.

Finnish National Museum

Interested in history?
National Museum illustrates Finnish history from prehistoric times to the 19th century. The museum's unique exhibits tells of the life from a period of over 10 000 years. Current exhibitions and more info:

Parliament house

One of the most popular buildings of Helsinki is the parliament! The only way to visit the parliament is to be with a group, and what better than with an ESN group! In this beautiful building we learn about Finnish history, culture, interesting facts regarding the parliament, and of course politics! The building was constructed between 1926-1931 and it has been the scene of many key moments in the nation's political life. Definitely worth visiting!

The places we visit each semester may vary! Check for the most updated information on the event pages when they are posted!